Thursday, May 12, 2016

Higher Ground

Smashing and crashing
reaching and preaching
Too cold by the window
too hot by the fire
Too bad for your pedestal
too good for your pyre
I’ll race you through fields
I’ll splash through the streams
you’ll find me in the willow
you’ll tell me your dreams.

I’m sick of blue skies

the gray winds should blow
I want empty beaches
I want barren white snow
I’ll pass you on the mountain
reach the top all alone
You’re angry with my attitude
you don’t like my tone.

Bashing and flashing

teaching, beseeching
You’ll wait by the front door
you’ll call me a liar
too good for your hatred
too bad for your choir
I’ll run across tightropes
I’ll balance on beams
But you’ll walk on the water
your golden ark gleams.

Searching for sunlight

I’ve faced every foe
I’ve found the arrow
but where is the bow?
I’m higher than eagles now
headed for home
You’re right there beside me
and this mountain’s our own.

~Becky Robbins

Photo: "Singepole Mountain", South Paris, Maine by Becky Robbins.

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