Thursday, May 3, 2018

Spring Fever

It’s a wondrous night. The moon is full and framed by branches pregnant with fat buds. A perfect balance of stars and clouds, orange and mauve in the moonrise. There’s a warm gusty wind rustling and bending the pines. And it’s so bright, almost as bright as day, without all the colors. I get the sense that everything around me is awake. It’s like a swell of movement surging from the darkness between the trees. No one out there will sleep tonight. I hear yowling and growling coming from the hedgerow. Songbirds are chirping and trilling and hopping from branch to branch. Woodcock are performing noisy mating rituals in the field. The spring air carries a mysterious sweetness – intriguing, almost irresistible. The primal part of me inhales deeply, wishing to follow that damp sweetness wherever it leads. To slip into the woods and go wild. Rage and run – shake off the long cold winter in a fevered, frenzied prowl. Come home at dawn, leaves and twigs in my hair, panting and muddy, eyes flashing.
The shadows in a cloud passing above the moon form, in perfect puffy letters, “NAY”. I imagine it’s a message from the heavens and try to figure out which question in my life it might be the answer to. The wind breaks the cloud into squarish bits, like cracked mud at the bottom of a dried stream. Every time I’m about to turn and go home I hear a new sound in the woods and the breeze rises and the pines rustle and bend again and the clouds streak and puff and new stars twinkle into view. I won’t rush it. This is a night to be savored.

~Becky Robbins